• The time you reserve includes your set up and clean up. There will often be people coming in right on your tail so do not go over your scheduled time.
  • Only ONE photographer is allowed per shoot. Styled shoots are welcome but are a custom price to accommodate multiple photographers.
  • Clean up after yourself after every shoot (sweeping or mopping the floor IF NEEDED, taking garbage out if food/drinks,). BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS and leave the studio as you would like it seen when you arrive for a shoot. The building has original flooring and will dirty very easily so please make sure you spot clean them after you are finished if needed. The broom is behind the white curtain and there are paper towels in the bathroom.
  • NO fires, candles or pets. Absolutely no nails, pins etc in the walls. If you need to adhere something, use command hooks, putty or a gentle tape. If you damage the walls in any way, you are responsible for repairs.
  • Let the management know of any repairs, maintenance, or damage in the studio. If you come to the studio and find something that needs attention, please let management know immediately so the person before you is held responsible. If you do not report something, you could be the one held responsible by the person following.
  • Always make sure the door is locked when you leave.
  • You are welcome to move furniture to any space you like at the studio, but DO NOT DRAG the furniture across the floor. Please have someone help you to move heavy items and make sure to put the furniture back into the place it was when you came in.
  • You may use any of the furniture or equipment that is unmarked and not in the reserved storage area for Full time Photographers.
  • A $25 fee WILL be charged when any of the above rules have been broken.